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The official launch of the European Startup Network took place in Brussels, 6-7 September 2016. We invited potential members to join us in the conceptualisation of our political agenda. It is our intent to ensure that the voices of startup entrepreneurs across Europe are heard and needs are addressed. Including discussions and constructive proposals on the following topics to achieve internationalisation of the national ecosystems, creating a European startup ecosystem that is ready to compete with leading international ecosystems, such as Silicon Valley or Tel Aviv.  (non-exhaustive list):

harmonisation of European markets
promoting entrepreneurship initiatives – growing the number of founders
future growth capital for more European success
acceptance of foreign professionals and startup entrepreneurs
a change in mindset: embracing failure and a culture of second chances
growing the business angel community
setting up a win-win exchange between traditional and new economy
regulate without strangling startups in red tape
creating laws and regulations, with startups in mind
startup-friendly government procurement for more competition and innovation
harmonisation of startup funding environment (from the early stage to the exit)