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This page content comes exclusively from our in-house Asana project and is updated automatically.

Done recently
Keep text formatting from Asana
Paragraphs, bold, lists...
Think about name and market position
Nice-looking 404 page
Add a last update date by default
Show project title on admin page and listing
List of all pages for a given user
free / premium ?admin
button to admin is on the workspace page
Title and description meta tags matching Asana project
Access control with password protection
Allow one task, one subtask or notes to be hidden
If you start a task or subtask name with a slash « / «  it will he hidden. You can also hide notes by starting them with a slash.
Coming next
Features I will be working on next.
Support board layout
free / premium ?
Might come soon
Features I would like to work on, as soon as I am done with the "Coming next" section. Any email requesting this feature might push it up the list.
Keep tag color
Remove .html from page URL
while assuring retro-compatibility
Option to allow a custom logo
Enable page update on task deletion
Currently a page is not automatically updated after a task is deleted.
Page header with project name, organization and team
Option to show completed tasks
avec quel style ?
Option to display Asana attachements
Option to add a Table of Contents with links to each section
Change Asana permission to read-only
We don't write in your Asana so we don't need this permission. Not currently possible.
Check mobile rendering
Task names are apparently too small
Ability to expand/collapse task notes and subtasks
Based on Sarah testimony:
  • Either by clicking on the task name or an icon or >> arrows  to indicate where there is something to expand, that can be clicked on 
  • Subtasks to still be listed, also with expand/collapse link
  • An Expand All/Collapse All link at the top of the page, so that all can be expanded and printed, if necessary (i.e. would be tedious to have to do this individually before printing, but would be great visual display where there are many notes that distract from skimming through the list - but where those notes may still need to be referenced)

Allow search engine indexation to be deactivated
Promote custom CSS better
Let's wait and see
Features that might be interesting, but on which I won't dedicate time yet. However, I am keeping an eye out. Any request by email about these feature can help.
Turn page preview into live preview
When updating style and options, preview should update accordingly.
Add assignees in page content
Page versionning to go back to previous versions
Subdomain of to host webpage
Allow to go deeper than one level of subtasks
Add more themes layout
like boards layout, task layout with checkbox, event-based layout with timelines, help desk layout with ToC on the side...
Option to publish collection of projects as a complete site
Not happening (yet)
Features I don't plan to work on before some time, either because it is too time-consuming or not aligned with the product I have in mind.
Option to convert a bunch of projects into a complete site
Option to display task comments
Add webhooks to notify when page was republished
Translate internal Asana links into links between pages