The project is discontinued, see announcement below.

This page content comes exclusively from our in-house Asana project and is updated automatically.

V1.1.2 - "Sunday BBQ"
".html" removed from public pages URL
".php" removed from website pages
V1.1.1 - "Friday off"
Link replacement in text

Fixed a bug where text like "2.1.2" was seen as a link and replaced by an actual link.

List of all pages managed by user

On every page after Asana connect, we added a button in the top-right corner to access the administration page containing a list of all the pages managed by the currently logged in user.

Add a last update date by default

As soon as you create a page, it has a last update date. Before, you needed to wait for the first automatic update.

Add a nice-looking 404 page
Option to allow page indexing by crawlers

Free users will have pages with a "no-index" and "no-follow" tag, and premium won't.

Option to display project name and notes

Premium users can now show project name and notes at the top of the page.

Show projects name on admin page and listing
V1.1.0 - "Dark saturday"
Watermark at the bottom of the page

The watermark was moved from the top of the page to the bottom.

Watermarking as a PREMIUM feature

Removing the watermark at the bottom of the page is now a PREMIUM feature.

Style picking is more user-friendly

Picking a style among our default styles or choosing a custom style is now more user-friendly.

Pricing page

A pricing page has been added in the footer and accessible from the admin of a page.

V1.0.2 - "Charline's release"
Fixed page refresh when subtasks were updated

When you updated a subtask, we did not refresh the page.

Added confirmation message when page is deleted

After deleting a page you were taken to the homepage without any notification of success.

V1.0.1 - "Figueiredo's dream"
Replace links in notes

Links on tasks and subtasks notes are replaced with a proper link.

Display layout of projects

For each project, an icon is displayed to indicate the layout (list or column).

Tighter spaces around tasks

Styling has been refined to decrease spacing between tasks.

PHP code example improved

The example of PHP code now includes the actual call to the function with the right parameter.

Manual refresh button

On the admin page you get a button to refresh manually the page.

V1.0.0 - "Big day"

This is the very first stable version.

Button to delete page

You can now delete a page, no need to contact us anymore.

Custom styling

You can write your own CSS code on the admin page.

Pre-defined styled

We have a pre-defined style with 3 colors possible, taken from Asana official colors.

Examples on home page

The homepage shows some real page examples accessible from the timeline.

New logo

Based on Asana three dots and official colors.

PHP integration code example

Admin page now offers a PHP function to make a cURL call to your created page.